Sable puppies is expected to be born about 26.05.2016

US Ch Milas Live The Dream

Steadwyn Soul Kiss

Pedigree of puppies

US Ch Milas Live The Dream

Us Ch Aurealis Coldplay US Ch Milas Aurealis Latin Samba
US Ch Tartanside Brocade
Milas Enchanted Music US Ch Milas Absolute Latin
US Ch Milas Latin Diva
Steadwyn Soul Kiss Shandlmain Soul Strider Wicani That Old Magic For Shandlma/td>
icani Cherrypie For Shandlmain
C.I.B & No & Dk Ch Steadwyn Most Ravishing Int & Dk & N Ch
Lakefield Lars Of Liable
Int & Dk & N Ch WW-08
Steadwyn Fashion NīPassions